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Why #SilverSqueeze?

Because we lost confidence.
Because we want fair inflation measures.
Silver adjusted for inflation, is $1000
it’s now $25. that’s a 40x unleveraged
it’s the biggest short squeeze of the century
based on strong fundamentals
it’s about justice.

this article only takes 10 minutes.

i want to explain this simple
i write from the gut: straightforward
there’s a lot of complex explanations.
there a lot of experts.

i am the populist.

i launched the wallstreetbets post.
what i want to explain, is the most compelling story in manipulation
in the whole world.
ooh yes, dogecoin will not change the world to a better place.

let’s keep it simple WHY silver is the short squeeze of the century.
it’s the ultimate justice
this is what the Wallstreetbet community is looking for.

governments want to mask inflation.

because wages stay low: screw workers and benefit the rich owning companies
social security would be unaffordable for governments with real inflation numbers.
you start to see?

did you know inflation doesn’t include food !
this is not about one unfair short hedge fund
this is blatant injustice for trillions.

how much are you paying for food these days? exactly.

why the fuck do they need #silver en #gold for this?

big banks are manipulating metals
gold and silver have been money for 5000 years.
when you loose confidence: you have gold, silver and bitcoin

there is room for all 3 according to your personal style

i prefer silver and gold, because i can touch it and can buy real companies.

when they can keep the prices surpressed, the world is not aware of inflation.
inflation means you are loosing buying power.
instead of $1 for a bread you pay $2
inflation? ask Turkey
the same has now arrived to the world’s big reserve currencies.

the Dollar. the Euro. the Pound.

we are in a spiral of debt created by politicians.
the only way out if printing more new money.
printing new money kills confidence.
we are seeing cracks appear everywhere.
the end games have started.
inflation is coming for the whole world.
pension funds, bonds: traditional savings will all be whiped out

by manipulating gold and silver prices, they try to hide this.
as gold and silver are real money.
they are a measure for how much inflation there is.
they don’t want YOU to see it.

the dollar has lost 99% of it’s value against gold in the last 100 years.

why do we attack #silver?

because it’s a very small market.
because gold will follow silver.
for each 70 ounces of Silver, you can buy 1 ounce of Gold.
Silver is very, very cheap.

We are going back to 15 to 1 this decade.
For each 15 ounces of silver you will be able to trade them for 1 ounce of gold later on.

This is a the trade of the century, based on fundamentals.


banks are creating paper contracts.
paper contracts to trade silver.
there are 250 times more contracts as there is silver.
you see?
this is epic.
when the squeeze starts, we don’t know where it ends.
the price of silver adjusted for inflation is 1000 dollars.
we are at 25 dollars.

the easiest way to tackle is to buy physical silver.
coins, bars.

you are sure you will be able to sell them at much much much higher prices.

another way is to buy shares that are 100% allocated to real silver.
$PSLV and in Europe PHAG.l and SSLN.l

another way is to buy paper silver $SLV
i would only buy paper silver with call options
as this can squeeze it HARDER

this is a fundamental trade,
the next what will happen is that heavily shorted SILVER companies will revalue
i have listed my favourites here

i am an amateur

how am i trading this myself?

i have been hoarding silver for years.
holding thousands of silver coins.
i am at 35600 ounces now.
that’s a little bit more as 1 ton.

80% i am investing in small, real silver companies, listed on Canada.
i prefer small companies 100% focused on SILVER
in the small silversqueeze in 2010 they went as much as 30x

This time, 50x to 150x is possible.
i prefer these over New York listed companies where hedge funds are playing also.

the whole silverspace will revalue.
showing the world there is INFLATION.

it’s starts with physical.
slowly it goes to the top.
when the bank manipulation blows, all bets are off.

Join us on this wild ride


perhaps you are asking why not target one stock?
this is the beauty of the silversqueeze.
it’s not a 1 week event.
it’s an 18 month ride.
it’s impossible to regulate.
we start from the bottom, owning physical, $PSLV and PHAG.L

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