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Will Silver lose its shine? What DAVID MORGAN has to say about the current moves

Table of content:

00:00 Intro

00:30 About David Morgan

00:52 Where will the USD move to

01:30 Will the banking crisis intensify and are insolvencies threatening us?

03:50 Will the USD see outflows as it won't be trusted any further?

06:20 What is the current role of the Japanese Yen?

07:45 At which level silver will be fairly priced?

10:45 How much does the FED balance sheet affect the price of silver?

12:35 Volatility increases, what is the cause currently for a falling price

14:25 Weakening stock markets, falling silver prices. What do they have in common?

17:40 How is the physical demand for silver currently changing?

20:20 Inflation and the markets and what could be a driver as well

22:20 How to best profit from any silver investment now

24:40 Where will silver trade in one year from now?

26:20 Outro

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