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Endeavour Silver: Turning Around a Mid-Tier Silver Producer

Endeavour Silver (NYSE: EXK; TSX: EDR) is a mid-tier, primary silver producer that operates three underground, silver-gold mines in Mexico. It is nearing a turnaround with significant production growth ahead.

Silver-ETF Selling Mounting

All bull markets naturally flow then ebb, taking two steps forward before retreating one step back.  Their price action gradually meanders around uptrends.  This normal upleg-correction pattern keeps sentiment balanced, extending bull markets’ longevity.  And it is a huge boon for traders, greatly expanding bulls’ potential gains.  Look to aggressively buy silver and its miners’ stocks as this silver correction runs its course.

Silver Stock Market Roundtable Q&A: David Morgan, Peter Spina, and Chris Marchese (from SilverFest 2020)

September 24, 2020

With the silver market heating up, the smart money is getting a step ahead of the crowd and looking at the mining stocks. Which still seem low relative to the increased silver price

Silver Seeker Report #31: This Week in Mining: Take Advantage of This Period of Consolidation

This Week in Review: Metals prices continue to consolidate but should the price of gold drop below the 50day MA, there is a chance we see a larger correction, potentially testing $1,825-$1,850/oz. Regardless of whether this comes to fruition, it doesn’t change a thing except for providing another (and likely last) buying opportunity. The window is closing quickly to get into the mining stocks at these cheap valuations. Further, any correction in gold and gold stocks will be short-lived so it is…

Silver & Gold Seeker Report #30: This Week in Mining: Multiple Catalysts on The Horizon

With another week of consolidation in the books, it is looking increasingly likely we will see a break soon. Whether this is to the upside or downside remains to be seen. If it is to the downside, it will be short-lived and could present the last opportunity before the train really leaves the station. Beyond the very-short term, precious metal prices are headed higher, much higher.

Silver Miners’ Q2’20 Fundamentals

The silver miners were quick to restart operations once the lockdowns passed, and are ramping outputs back to full-speed.  That should lower costs, which along with much-higher silver prices should greatly amplify profits going forward.  So big additional silver-stock gains are fully justified fundamentally.  This sector just has to work off its overboughtness first, through a healthy sentiment-rebalancing correction.

Silver & Gold Seeker Report: This Week in Mining Issue #27: A Quiet Week Following Earnings Season

The volatility continued in the metals again this week, something that we shouldn’t expect to change anytime soon. There wasn’t much news-flow this week, following earnings season. There are talks about the next stimulus package that could be announced at any time, though it will be just be stop-gap until the two sides can come to an agreement on what will inevitably be a larger stimulus package. This is where the upcoming US elections come into play (note: I'm not political).

Silver & Gold Seeker Report: This Week in Mining Issue #26: Q2 Earnings Hits & Misses


Exploration & Development Updates: Silvercrest, Kootenay, MAG, and Vizsla

Some important updates and exploration results were released today for four companies including MAG Silver, Silvercrest Metals, Kootenay Silver and Vizsla Resources. $MAG, $SILV, $KTN.V, $VZLA.V

Dave Kranzler: Why Aren’t Gold & Silver Stocks Rallying

August 10, 2020

The biggest question in the precious metals world this week was “how come the miners aren’t rallying more?”

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