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Silver Shorts Get Squeezed Hard… What’s Next?

August 08, 2020

U.S. dollar assets are simply becoming less and less attractive. The U.S. Dollar Index has been sliding as both international and domestic investors seek alternatives

Silver Explodes

August 08, 2020

This manic rise in the price of silver will end someday. But today is not that day. Stack on!

Don’t Forget the Silver Users

August 07, 2020

Today, I would like to take a stroll down memory lane and revisit an issue that dominated the endless and often heated daily conversations I had with my dearly departed old friend, Israel Friedman. In the early days (circa the mid-1980’s), Izzy’s interest in my allegations of a short selling scam on the COMEX went to the motivations behind the price suppression and not so much the mechanics of the manipulation...

Wealth Effect: Silver Edition

August 07, 2020

Silver has gone up a lot.   In a post-interest world, one cannot earn much return by financing productive enterprise. Instead, people are forced to speculate on whatever asset bubble is inflating at the moment.   Speculation is different from investment, in that the speculator’s profits come from the capital of the next investor. It’s a process of conversion of one investor’s capital into another’s income, to be consumed.   This is the great feat, which…

We Haven’t Seen Anything Yet: The Coming Tiny Silver Market Explosion

August 06, 2020

If just a mere $500 billion worth of funds attempts to acquire some of this silver, we are talking about a SEVEN TIMES increase in the price… using simple math ($500 billion / $71 billion = 7).  With the current silver price at $27, seven times that would be $189.  Yeah, I know that may sound like a bit of “HYPE,” but no one was saying this when Tesla surged from $200 in 2019 to $1,500 recently.  That’s SEVEN TIMES higher in just a year… LOL.

Market Updates

Early Market Update: Silver Bounces Right off the Important $27.50 Level

August 08, 2020

After silver fell nearly $2.50 from its highs in Asian trading last night, it bounced right off its important $27.50 level, twice this morning.  It will be interesting to see where the silver price rests and the end of the day.

COT Silver Report - August 7, 2020

COT Silver Report - August 7, 2020

Silver Premiums Aren’t Likely To Come Down Soon

August 07, 2020

But while many are hoping that premiums will come down soon, that doesn’t appear to be the case. As James Anderson of SD Bullion explains.

How Much Higher Will Silver Go: See What the 50-year Long-term Silver Chart Reveals

August 07, 2020

As the SILVER BULL MARKET continues on its ever-increasing upward trend, what does the 50-year long-term silver chart reveal??  Let’s just say, some of the indicators are pointing to much higher prices.  And, if we include the lousy economic and financial fundamentals being propped up by massive Fed and central bank stimulus, it seems like there will be even more investor demand for gold and silver in the future.

Silver Price Rises Above US$28.00 Per Ounce, Up 140 Percent From 2020 Low (Silver Institute)

August 06, 2020

The silver price hike has been fueled by its inherent safe-haven status, fears of inflation, remarkably low interest rates and continued liquidity boosts by central banks. The jump in price reflects renewed interest by both retail and institutional investors in silver as an investment vehicle.

Silver Stocks

Silver (Gold) Seeker Report: This Week in Mining Issue #25: Earnings Season in Full Swing

Gold and silver prices surged again this week, although both metals were hit on Friday. The disconnect between the valuation of mining equities relative to the underlying commodity price has been expanding. We are overdue for correction and/or a period of consolidation but it remains to be seen when that will be. It certainly feels like it has begun or is just around the corner. Q2 earnings announcements have started to accelerate with most companies impacted from the CV19 protocols and…

Gold & Silver Seeker Report: This Week in Mining Issue #24: Gold New ATH & Start of Earnings Season


Gold & Silver Seeker Report: This Week in Mining Issue #23 - Silver Blast Off, Gold Nearing New All-Time High, and Countless Financings

This week saw higher metal prices with the mining stocks performing well. Silver had an incredible week, being up >$1/oz. for two consecutive days. Silver reached on all-time high and had its best week in a long time. Like two weeks ago, there were countless financings for junior stocks again this week, which are listed below. Earnings should start to be reported in two weeks or so. Some companies will report great numbers and others not so much, all depending on the impact of mining…

Endeavour Mining Report: Building a 1m oz. Producer

Ticker- TSX; EDV.TO, OTC; EDVMF 52-Week Range; CAD $15.68-$36.62, US $11.02-$27.60 Shares Out; 163.077m shares Endeavour Mining is a West African focused gold producer. Following a recent acquisition, it is now the leading West African producer with an excellent stable of assets and run by a very capable management team.  The company recently completed a strategic acquisition [SEMAFO], in which it paid a fair price. Endeavour’s business model is based around M&A or buy-and…

Two Silver Companies Release Exciting Drill Results: Blackrock & Kootenay Silver

There are many more drill rigs turning for silver exploration and development companies than there have been over recent years. In turn, we have seen some impressive drill results thus far in 2020. This week both Blackrock $BRC.V and Kootenay Silver $KTN.V put out some promising exploration results.  Blackrock drilled 3m of 2,198 g/t AgEq (1,046 g/t Ag + 5.29 g/t Au) and 3.04m of 464 g/t AgEq  (221 g/t Ag + 2.44 g/t Au) in a new vein and extends the Victor vein down…

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