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Five Reasons Silver and Gold Could Rally Soon

Given that track record, and how cheap silver remains relative to gold, it wouldn’t surprise to see silver head towards $30 per ounce this year...

Continuing Copper Coverage

March 29, 2023

And finally, let's plot copper and silver together over the same period shown above. You can plainly see the long-term correlation. You might also note that silver currently appears to be undervalued by about half.

GoldSeek Nugget -- Steve Rocco: How safe are bank accounts? Silver is selling near the cost...

March 26, 2023

The derivatives fiasco is unstable... 4 largest domestic banks have $170 TRILLION in derivatives exposure, according to one online source. People must be in physical precious metals.

Hold Gold, Buy Silver

It’s really quite simple. When precious metals rallied in 2020, on the back of lockdowns, interest rates slashed to zero, QE, and general market fear, silver’s gain was double that of gold.

Gold & Silver Soar -- and More Silver Departs SLV

In silver -- the biggest drop was in SLV inventories, down a whopping 27.035 million troy ounces, followed by the COMEX, down 5.160 million troy ounces. After them came SIVR, down 1.816 million troy ounces...and 843,000 troy ounces out of iShares/SVR.

Market Updates

COT Silver Report - March 31, 2023

Positions as of 28 March, 2023

Metals Update: Silver Now Leads Gold

Technical stock chart updates on $GDX, $SILVER:$GOLD ratio, $GDXJ, $SCZ.v, $AGQ and more!

COT Silver Report - March 24, 2023

Positions as of 21 March, 2023

COT Silver Report - March 21, 2023

Delayed COT Reports Released for Positions as of 14 March, 2023.

Safe Haven Buying Comes Back

March 20, 2023

The Gold / Silver ratio (weekly chart) showing we are in a big zone where silver gets a bid finally. The weekly chart shows the price is not trending, fighting the 200 and 18 week moving averages..

Silver Stocks

AbraSilver Drills Best Silver Intercept to Date at the JAC Zone, 32,481 g/t Ag over 1 Metre

March 14, 2023

Within Broader Intercept of 3,025 g/t Ag over 14 Metres in Oxides -- Bonanza-Grade Interval is the All-Time Highest-Grade Silver Result from Diablillos

AbraSilver Intersects 797 g/t AgEq Over 25 Metres

February 27, 2023

Drill Results Continue to Consistently Encounter High-Grade Silver, Near-Surface at New JAC Zone.

AbraSilver Expands Exploration Drilling Program at Diablillos and Commences Drilling at the La Coipita Project

February 21, 2023

The Phase III drill program is now expected to consist of approximately 22,000 metres of diamond drilling, up from 15,000 metres, using two diamond drill rigs. Phase III drilling is designed to delineate a maiden Mineral Resource..

AbraSilver Continues to Drill Wide Silver Intercepts at New JAC Zone

February 06, 2023

“Drilling results from the new JAC zone continue to consistently encounter high-grade silver mineralization in oxides at shallow depths.  Today’s results further support..."

Silver Stocks

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