Skip to main content TV Interviews Peter Spina TV presents an exclusive interview with the President of and, Peter Spina. He discusses several topics with interviewer Vanessa Collette of, including:

-  Is it time to buy Gold and Silver Stocks?

-  QE, Money Printing, Fiat Currencies and Alternative Currencies (bitcoin)

-  George Soros' Recent Gold-Silver Stock Purchases

Taped on-location in Vancouver, Canada at the 2013 Cambridge House World Resource Investment Conference (May 27, 2013)


Peter Spina is President, CEO of &

His experience with the precious metals markets started back in the mid-1990s, which led to the creation of in 1995. Today ranks within the top, most-visited gold investor websites in the world with a 300,000+ global monthly reader outreach. Its sister site,, is ranked as one of the most visited silver websites in the world recently reaching 100,000+ monthly silver investor readers.

With nearly 20 years of experience with investing into gold and silver mining companies, Peter devotes much of his time researching, consulting and investing into gold and silver stocks with a primary focus on micro-caps. His focus is also heavily on gold and silver’s return as monetary metals and the ongoing monetary and financial developments with a global perspective.

Back at the start of the new secular precious metals bull market, Peter established the technically+fundamentally-focused subscription newsletter which merged in 2005 into the The Gold & Silver Forecaster weekly newsletter ( |

Peter also specializes in assisting start-up / micro-cap ($1M - $100M+ market caps) companies connect with investors, capital among other specialized consulting services - typically IPO, undiscovered or turnaround situations.

Peter also makes frequent appearances in the media, including Investors Business Daily, MarketWatch, Reuters, and

Follow Peter on Twitter: @GoldSeek

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