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Silver is the Most Efficient Metal for Transmitting Energy, Period! Outcrop Silver & Gold's 2024

I speak with the President and CEO of Outcrop Silver & Gold, Ian Harris about the large physical silver deficit in the silver markets along with the plans for the company in 2024.

There is a very large physical silver deficit Ian gives us insights into what this might mean for the silver markets going forward. Ian discusses the wide array of uses of silver in our daily lives,

"A little bit of silver is used in solar panels, in electronics, it is used in a million different things. People who are selling a solar panel or selling a a specialized circuit board, they don't care what they have to do to get silver but they want silver, right?...because it's the most efficient metal at transmitting energy. 

You're obviously paying for that benefit and the other one is, it doesn't corrode...and so, those two factors, it means they've already made a decision to use silver."

We discuss the company's Santa Ana high-grade silver project, which is one of the world's primary high-grade silver deposits!

The company issued a maiden resource in 2023 of 37.7M Silver equivalent ounces (24.2Moz AgEq Indicated + 13.5Moz in the Inferred category) at Santa Ana. The majority of it in the silver eq. ounces in the higher indicated category (1.23 mt @ 614 g/t AgEqfor 24.2 MozAgEq) – demonstrating the continuity of several high-grade silver structures, which are included in this first project resource estimate.

The company has mapped 24 veins in total, with a huge majority of these veins left to be drilled. We discuss what this means to the company's project upside potential and the steps coming to advance the discovery forward.

Listen into this interview to learn more about what to expect with the high-grade Santa Ana Silver-Gold (75/25) project in 2024!

To learn more about Outcrop Silver & Gold, please visit their website:

Please note, employees at GoldSeek are long-term shareholders in Outcrop Silver & Gold and the company has been a supportive sponsor of both and

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