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Silver Plating in Aerospace and Military: Existing Vaults Could Be Wiped Out by a Handful of Silver Plating Purchase Orders

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Silver enthusiasts commonly are told Silver is used for electronics, solar, and necessary for the Green Energy Revolution (which is true) but below we will reveal a massive use of Silver that is never discussed because it hides behind the “secrecy and veil” of the Military Industrial Complex.

Silver plating is crucial for aerospace, military, and defense applications due to its excellent electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, and lubricity. Here are the key details:

Importance of Silver Plating in Aerospace and Military

Silver plating is widely used in these industries to enhance performance and reliability of various components:

  1. Electrical Contacts and Connectors: Silver's high electrical conductivity makes it ideal for plating electrical contacts, connectors, and switches used in aircraft, satellites, and spacecraft electronics. This ensures reliable signal transmission and low contact resistance.
  2. Anti-Galling and Lubricity: The lubricity of silver plating prevents galling and seizing of threaded fasteners, bearings, and other moving parts subjected to high temperatures and friction in aircraft engines, helicopters, and spacecraft mechanisms.
  3. Solderability: The excellent solderability of silver plating, especially the 99.9% pure matte finish, is crucial for wire bonding and soldering in electronic assemblies used in aerospace and defense systems.
  4. Corrosion Resistance: While not as corrosion-resistant as gold, silver plating provides good protection against corrosion, especially when combined with a nickel underplate.
  5. Antimicrobial Properties: Silver's natural antimicrobial properties help maintain hygienic environments in critical areas like cockpits, space capsules, and control panels. Silver-coated surfaces inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms, reducing the risk of contamination and ensuring a safer environment for crew and equipment

Silver plating specifications like QQ-S-365, ASTM B700, AMS 2410, AMS 2411, and AMS 2412 are widely used in these industries to ensure consistent quality and performance.

Top Silver Plating Companies and Manufacturers

  1. Anderson Silver Plating Co., Inc.: One of the oldest and largest silver platers in the USA, Anderson has plated components for early Mercury space vehicles and works with companies like Bell Helicopter Textron, Federal Mogul, and BatesVille-Hilenbrand, meeting various aerospace and military specifications.
  2. Advanced Plating Technologies: This Milwaukee-based company offers a wide range of silver plating services, including matte, semi-bright, and bright finishes, meeting specifications like QQ-S-365, ASTM B700, and AMS 2410-2412. They work with aerospace, defense, and electronics manufacturers.
  3. Accurate Precision Plating: Specializing in industrial silver plating, APP can meet ASTM and AMS standards required by industries like aerospace, oil and gas, and medical. They have plated for companies like Lockheed Martin and Boeing.

These top silver plating companies work closely with major aerospace and defense manufacturers like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and others, providing high-quality silver plating services that meet stringent military and aerospace specifications for critical applications

Other facts:
1. Silver stockpiles are being drained. In past two days, we published two consecutive articles that India alone, in less than a month, can wipe out the Silver Vaults.

2. There have been no new significant Silver discoveries.
3. So with demand spiking and supplies vanishing we recommend you do your own research on the elite handful of companies endorsed by the Silver Academy.




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