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Silver Scarcity - Are Commodities Running Out?

In this week’s Live from the Vault, Andrew Maguire is joined by Dr Stephen Leeb, a renowned American economist and a financial author to contemplate the impending commodities shortage and the dramatic consequences of a silver scarcity for the developing countries.

The precious metals experts discuss how China’s growing prosperity affects the global economy, as the superpower’s appetite for gold-backed currencies keeps increasing.

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00:00 Start

02:10 What are the major market drivers today?

04:00 China’s goals & basket of gold-backed currencies

11:11 Inflation, sustainability and getting back to the gold standard

22:45 The indispensability of silver for the developing society

25:55 Dramatic suppression of gold and silver prices

32:25 Gold must be revalued! How much is gold really worth?

36:00 Steven’s advice for an average person to protect themselves

39:25 A throwback to Andrew’s Whistleblowing experience

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