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Sinister Footprints in Silver to Cover SLV Shorts

In this week’s Live from the Vault, Andy Maguire takes another deep dive into the smoke and mirror world of COMEX, examining the uncanny resemblance of the current market structure to the 2008 financial crisis-triggered bullish setup.

The London wholesaler explains how the extremely supply-tight physical market draining COMEX liquidity to unsustainable levels can ultimately result in gold and silver arising as safe-haven assets.

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00:00 Start

01:15 Massive disconnection between the House and the speculators

05:45 Comparing the current market with the 2008 situation

14:00 Achilles’ heel of paper market liquidity

22:45 Deeply counterintuitive footprints in the silver market

28:45 Energy caps in Europe - how does it affect the physical market?

33:35 Can Silver break free of the paper chains?

37:55 Stale-dated COT reports as a tool to wrongfoot traders

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