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Understanding the Explosiveness of Silver. feat. Patrick Karim

In this week’s Live from the Vault, Andrew Maguire is joined by Patrick Karim, co-founder of technical analysis service, Northstar & Badcharts, to share bullish predictions for gold and silver, founded on a lifetime of accurately forecasting rallies.

The veteran chart trader analyses the breakout trend for gold and dissects the cyclical explosiveness of physical silver, indicating the historic opportunity for silver stackers everywhere. 


00:00 Start

01:45 Patrick shares his short-term predictions

05:35 Silver  - looking at the bigger picture

09:35 Analysing the gold and silver 16 years average chart

16:25 Patrick talks about the EFP blowup in March 2020

20:45 Looking at both technical sides of the EFP tornado

23:45 The historic opportunity for the Silver Stackers

28:15 Covering the benefits of technical charting

30:00 How to contact Patric Karim and find his services


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