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Silver Market Updates

COT Silver Report - April 12, 2024

Positions as of 9 April, 2024

Chris Vermeulen: Silver Has Come to Life

April 11, 2024

Silver has an interesting chart pattern, and it can have ballistic moves to the upside. Vermeulen has an upside target for silver at $36 an ounce.

Technical Scoop: Silver to Potentially Rise to $75

The second peak in 2011 at roughly the same level as 1980 started the formation on what appears as the handle and projects silver to potentially rise to about $75 once we clear above $27.50. Minimum potential targets appear to be $38/$40.

COT Silver Report - April 5, 2024

Positions as of 2 April, 2024

Technical Scoop: Bridge Disruption, Market Highs, Persistent Inflation

Silver has been making a massive head and shoulders reversal pattern over the past three years or so. We just need it to bust up through the potential neckline near $26...

COT Silver Report - March 29, 2024

Positions as of 26 March, 2024

Technical Scoop: Rate News, Copper Lead, Magnificent Falter

Silver teased us with a breakout above $26, then faded along with gold, closing the week down 2.1% and back under $25. Resistance zones continue to act as a stopper.

COT Silver Report - March 22, 2024

Positions as of 19 March, 2024

Technical Scoop: Possible Tops, Metal Rise, Geopolitical Tensions

While gold faltered this past week on fears of rate hikes, silver wasn’t too bothered and put in another good week, gaining 3.4%. Silver is now up in 2024 by 5.4%.


March 17, 2024

Time is fast running out to buy silver and silver related investments at the current bargain basement prices and that if you are minded to do so, you had better get on with it.

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