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Silver Market Updates

Technical Scoop: Inflation Stick, Confidence Wane, Commodity Fall

Silver fell this past week, despite as we noted a weaker than expected jobs report and a weaker US$ Index. Silver lost 2.1% as it continued to test $26.50 support. Further support can be seen to $26, but under that level the current rally becomes more questionable.

COT Silver Report - May 3, 2024

Positions as of 30 April, 2024

Technical Scoop: Potential Stagflation, Commodity Friend, Gold Corrects

It’s no surprise that $30 is resistance as that was the high back in February 2021 ($30.35). Our expectations of $39/$40 targets remain, once we get past the February 2024 high. The breakout over $26/$26.50 suggests that target.

COT Silver Report - April 26, 2024

Positions as of 23 April, 2024

Why a Powerful Silver Bull Market May Be Ahead

Investors will be forced to reckon with the fact that there is just a fraction of the physical silver in existence that they believed, which will lead to a scramble for physical silver while paper silver products sink in value.

Technical Scoop: Silver Enjoyed Another Solid Week Up

Silver enjoyed another solid week up, gaining 2.8%. Silver is now up 19.7% in 2024. Silver is the poor man’s gold and, with gold soaring to over $2,400, many are instead shifting to silver.

COT Silver Report - April 19, 2024

Positions as of 16 April, 2024

Technical Scoop: Silver Breakout

With a close over $28 this past week, silver has now successfully broken out: first over $26, then over $27.50, the early 2022 high. Remaining is a breakout over the February 2021 high of $30.35.

Silver Market Update - it's CORRECTION TIME...

April 14, 2024

We are only talking about a correction here – the powerful PM sector bullmarket should soon reassert itself and take prices much higher.

COT Silver Report - April 12, 2024

Positions as of 9 April, 2024

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