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New All-Time High Silver Price within Two Years says Analyst Chris Marchese

Chris Marchese is the chief mining analyst at &  In this interview, he shares that he foresees a new all-time high silver price within two years.  Chris also offers his take on where the gold price is headed and whether we will see doldrums or fireworks in the precious metals sector this summer.  He also provides commentary on the junior mining sector and how he arranges his mining portfolio.

0:00 Introduction

1:32 Where are you seeing the best value in the royalty space?

6:03 Royalty company M&A coming?

7:00 Where is the gold price headed?

8:14 Expectations for the silver price

11:32 New all-time high silver price within two years

11:51 How to play the junior miners?

13:12 Arranging a mining stock portfolio

14:29 Thoughts on mining jurisdictions

15:16 More M&A among precious metals producers coming?

18:08 Summer doldrums or fireworks in precious metals sector?


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