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Silver Showdown: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars vs. Shipping Giants in a Tug-of-War for Critical Metal. Either Way, Silver Soars.

Black Friday is notorious for its frenzied shopping sprees, unruly crowds, and violence.

  • In 2008, a Walmart employee was trampled to death by a crowd of shoppers rushing to get a discounted TV.
  • In 2011, a woman in New Jersey was arrested for pepper-spraying other shoppers in line for an iPad.
  • In 2017, a man in Florida was shot in the leg during a fight over a parking spot at Toys R Us.

This paints a perfect metaphor for the future, which is great news for silver investors but spells trouble for fuel cell manufacturers if they fail to order their Silver, which is flying off the shelves. 

We were the first to report the implications of silver substitutes for platinum revolutionizing the auto industry.

It looks like cars, trucks, and vans over the road will take a backseat and have to stand in line behind cargo ships, military ships, shipping barges, ferries, and yachts. Ships, Boats, Ferries, and Barges Will Shove their Way to the Front of the Line, Leap Frogging over The Shoulders of Fuel Celled Trucks, Cars, and Vans Manufacturers. - Pixy St. Claire

We’re putting our silver money on the maritime vessels. Here's why.

  • The estimated global market value for all trucks, cars, and vans 2023 was $4.6 trillion.
  • The estimated market cap of all ships, boats, and barges worldwide is $4.2 trillion as of 2023.
  • But there's a lot more riding on water than just the value of the shipping vessel itself.

The worldwide shipping industry is crucial in transporting goods, with approximately 90% of global trade goods carried by ocean shipping. As a result, the value of the world's fleet of ships makes our report last week on silver in fuel cell cars look like peanuts.

This mode of transport is essential for the global economy, with the shipping industry annually transporting nearly 2 billion tons of crude oil, 1 billion tons of iron ore, and 350 million tons of grain. The value of the annual world shipping trade had reached more than 14 trillion US Dollars as of 2019

Moreover, this data doesn't capture yachts like:

Larry Ellison (Oracle) owns the yacht "Sensei," which is 180 feet long and has a gym, spa, and helipad.

Bernard Arnault, (Louis Vuitton) owns the yacht "Amethyst," which is 163 feet long and has a swimming pool, cinema, and multiple dining areas.

The Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich owns the yacht "Eclipse," which is 533 feet long and has a missile defense system, a submarine support vessel, and a mini-submarine.

David Geffen owns the yacht "Rising Sun," which is 456 feet long and has a basketball court, spa, and movie theater.

Sergey Brin ( Google) owns the yacht "Ionian," 246 feet long and has a swimming pool, jacuzzi, and multiple dining areas.

Just because Fuel-fueled ships, barges, ferries, and yachts will use more silver than cars, trucks, and vans doesn't minimize the silver story over the road. It's like comparing the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean; they're Both Enormous.


Global Shift in Hydrogen Fuel Adoption

Based on our industry-first reports (Silver's massive unreported uses in bombs, shells, missiles, tanks, aircraft, aerospace, nukes, torpedoes, satellites, robots, electric rail, superconductors, levitation technology, etc.)

In the past 90 days, we have reported a dire silver shortage, increasing by a projected 2900% by 2033.

The excellent news is hydrogen fuel cell cars, trucks, vans, barges, ships, ferries, and yachts will gobble up way more silver than traditional electric cars within years.


This may cause fuel cell procurement staff migraines, but it is Great News for Silver Investors.

Silver investors paying attention will be rewarded when finding the right silver mining equity.

Silver Slashing Prices for The Car of the Future Everyone Wants

Check out The Boost in the international adoption of hydrogen fuel cells.

First Mexico

Three days ago, it was announced that a Danish fund would invest $10 billion in a development hub in southern Mexico to produce green hydrogen for ships and replace fossil fuel use. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's critical infrastructure project is the development of an industrial corridor connecting the Pacific and Atlantic oceans in Mexico's poorer south.

We told you Ships would Shove Their Way to the Front of the Line (Black Friday Metaphor callback; see headline above)

Second Germany

Germany is spearheading a groundbreaking $21 billion hydrogen fuel network spanning 6,000 miles, crucial for its 2045 climate neutrality goal. This privately funded effort utilizes existing natural gas pipelines to reduce CO2 emissions in challenging sectors.

Third Canada

Western Canada is investing $16.5 million in a Pilot Hydrogen Truck Project to introduce heavy-duty fuel-cell trucks, marking a significant leap toward sustainability. 

Fourth USA

California-based Switch Maritime is pioneering hydrogen fuel cell technology for zero-emission commercial ferries. Venture capitalists in Silicon Valley are also going through rounds of funding for hydrogen fuel cell ships, barges, yachts, and recreational boats.

Silver's pivotal role in fuel cell development has disrupted the automotive industry (along with the Shipping industry), displacing platinum and slashing prices while delivering enhanced torque, speed, and reduced charging times.

Silver emerges as a cost-effective game-changer as hydrogen gains momentum globally. The hydrogen genie is out of the bottle, and the genie is wearing silver jewelry, granting silver wishes to those with brains in their skulls.

This strategic evolution aligns with international efforts to decarbonize, marking a paradigm shift in the automotive, shipping and energy sectors.



SWITCH MARITIME - First-Ever Hydrogen Fueling of Maritime Vessel in US

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