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Silver: Supported by D.C. and The Deep State

Miles Franklin sponsored this article. Gary Christenson wrote it and the opinions are his.

The Deep State runs on dollars and energy. It supports wars, military contracts, surveillance, and inexpensive energy. The Deep State encourages debt, ever-increasing spending, and dollar devaluation.

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What Does This Have To Do With Silver?


  1. Congress balances the budget and reduces debt. (Ha!)
  2. The economy suffers a massive uncontrolled contraction. (Oops!)
  3. Congress dissolves the Federal Reserve and free markets determine interest rates and the value of gold and silver. (Dream on!)
  4. Several other “impossible” policy changes. (Not Likely!)

The Deep State, central banks and governments will not abandon their control over the economy and the populace, and they will support the political and financial elite at the expense of the bottom 90%.

From Ellen Brown:

“Their [central banks] US and global holdings [of stocks] are so large that their withdrawal from the market could trigger another global recession. That means when and how the economy will collapse is now in the hands of central bankers.”

Silver prices will rise!

Is silver high or low in 2018 compared to the DOW?

The Dow rises as dollars purchase less. Silver prices also rise, faster or slower than the DOW. The ratio shows, based on a century of data, that silver prices were too high and vulnerable to a collapse in 1980 and 2011. It also shows that 1971, 1993, 2001, and 2018 were excellent times to buy silver based on the excessive valuation of the DOW and the beaten down silver prices.


From John Mauldin:

“We’re going to see quantitative easing in our future on a scale that will shock everybody.”


  • The Deep State and the U.S. government need ever-increasing spending, debt and devaluation. Spending and QE will continue. Prices will rise.
  • Silver prices will rise as people realize they must protect their purchasing power. Consumer price inflation and dollar devaluations are “locked into the debt system.”
  • Military contractors will buy silver, regardless of price.
  • The Federal Reserve wants to avoid blame for a deflationary depression. Expect additional QE to offset market crashes and debt defaults.
  • Silver prices are low compared to the DOW, and low relative to past decades of silver prices. Expect the DOW to fall and silver prices to rise, probably more than most people expect.

Miles Franklin will recycle devalued dollars that were issued as a liability of the Fed into real money—silver. The risk is minimal.

Gary Christenson

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