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The Staggering Amount Of Gold & Silver Investment Since The 2008 Financial Crisis

Regardless, I believe part of the reason the “once” precious metals bugs, have now become quite frustrated, is that they have been taken in by the Mainstream Financial Koolaide.  And why shouldn’t they?  Stocks and real estate prices have been going up and up, until recently, for the past seven years while the metals peaked, declined, and have been virtually flat.

The 2008 Financial Crisis Was A Game-Changer For Gold & Silver Investment

According to some of the best industry sources, the World Gold Council and World Silver Surveys, investors purchased 16,200 metric tons (mt) of gold and 57,800 mt of silver from 2009-2018:

Total global gold physical investment from 1999-2008 was 3,965 mt versus 15,300 mt for silver.  If we put the information of both of these charts into one, investors purchased four times more physical gold and silver after the 2008 financial crisis:

That should say something about the strength of the precious physical metals demand with less than 1% of the market participating.  What happens to gold and silver demand when the central banks are no longer able to prop up the financial and economic system.  Please understand; it’s not a matter of “IF,” it’s a matter of “WHEN.”  

Lastly, I will be publishing several more articles on this subject matter and why gold and silver set themselves apart from the majority of assets.  Thus, the future will come down to owning assets that “STORE ECONOMIC ENERGY” versus those that are “ENERGY IOU’s.”

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