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Early Market Update: Silver Bounces Right off the Important $27.50 Level

August 08, 2020

After silver fell nearly $2.50 from its highs in Asian trading last night, it bounced right off its important $27.50 level, twice this morning.  It will be interesting to see where the silver price rests and the end of the day.

COT Silver Report - August 7, 2020

COT Silver Report - August 7, 2020

Silver Premiums Aren’t Likely To Come Down Soon

August 07, 2020

But while many are hoping that premiums will come down soon, that doesn’t appear to be the case. As James Anderson of SD Bullion explains.

How Much Higher Will Silver Go: See What the 50-year Long-term Silver Chart Reveals

August 07, 2020

As the SILVER BULL MARKET continues on its ever-increasing upward trend, what does the 50-year long-term silver chart reveal??  Let’s just say, some of the indicators are pointing to much higher prices.  And, if we include the lousy economic and financial fundamentals being propped up by massive Fed and central bank stimulus, it seems like there will be even more investor demand for gold and silver in the future.

Silver Price Rises Above US$28.00 Per Ounce, Up 140 Percent From 2020 Low (Silver Institute)

August 06, 2020

The silver price hike has been fueled by its inherent safe-haven status, fears of inflation, remarkably low interest rates and continued liquidity boosts by central banks. The jump in price reflects renewed interest by both retail and institutional investors in silver as an investment vehicle.

Stunning Silver: Big C Wave Action

We are now rallying in wave -v- of (i), which could extend to the 35.00/36.00 level before it ends. We now breaking through the 25.00/26.00 level, as we had previously suggested we would.   

Inflating a Silver Bubble

August 05, 2020

Recently, we’ve been publishing updates after days when the silver price has spiked up. Now, after Tuesday’s trading action, silver trades over $26. Its price moved up over two bucks (about 8%).

Andrew Maguire: “We Can’t Get Wholesale Silver Bars”

August 05, 2020

Amazingly, it seems that day has finally arrived. As not only has gold broken through $2,000 per ounce, but now wholesale silver continues to be difficult, if not completely impossible to find. Which Andrew Maguire of Kinesis Money joined me on the show to discuss.

An Update on the Silver Bull

August 04, 2020

Now, I have not gone raving silver bug on you. The title says “silver bull” because that is what silver is in, a bull market by definition of having taken out the 2016 high of 21.23. We targeted that point as a cyclical bull market gateway, silver cut through it like a knife through warm butter… and there you have it. A key higher high. I don’t apologize for any of the above. It is fact.

Andy Schectman: Silver Supply Is Getting Tight Again

August 04, 2020

Even despite the recent run-up in price, investors continue to buy silver. They’re buying silver in the ETFs like SLV, and precious metals dealer Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin reports that his customers are doing the same with physical.

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