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Last Friday's Silver Selloff May Be Great News for Silver Bulls!

April 17, 2024

Despite the big selloff Friday, the spot price of silver had its first weekly close above $28 since 2013. It's possible the shorts and price manipulators are out of runway.

Goldseek Nugget - Aaron Brickman: Silver's Vertical Leap (Part 2 of 3)

April 15, 2024

Brickman says that investing in silver isn't solely for wealth accumulation but rather as insurance against volatility, highlighting the metal's potential to skyrocket unpredictably.

Gold and Silver Rocket Higher While Fed Plays Politics

April 15, 2024

The Fed may very well be willing to throw whatever inflation-fighting credibility it still has out the window in order to try to give the economy a boost.

Who’s Buying Gold and Silver?

India in February purchased a whack of silver bullion, with silver imports surging 260%. The country bought 2,295 tonnes compared to just 637t in January — a new monthly record.

China switches strategy from stacking Gold to "Take all the Silver." Sticking it to US short sellers and market riggers.

April 14, 2024

Just starting this week, the Chinese government is telling its people to buy Silver instead of Gold. Silver and gold stacking is the cornerstone of their crafted and clever strategy of economic warfare.

Market Updates

Technical Scoop: Silver Breakout

With a close over $28 this past week, silver has now successfully broken out: first over $26, then over $27.50, the early 2022 high. Remaining is a breakout over the February 2021 high of $30.35.

Silver Market Update - it's CORRECTION TIME...

April 14, 2024

We are only talking about a correction here – the powerful PM sector bullmarket should soon reassert itself and take prices much higher.

COT Silver Report - April 12, 2024

Positions as of 9 April, 2024

Chris Vermeulen: Silver Has Come to Life

April 11, 2024

Silver has an interesting chart pattern, and it can have ballistic moves to the upside. Vermeulen has an upside target for silver at $36 an ounce.

Technical Scoop: Silver to Potentially Rise to $75

The second peak in 2011 at roughly the same level as 1980 started the formation on what appears as the handle and projects silver to potentially rise to about $75 once we clear above $27.50. Minimum potential targets appear to be $38/$40.

Silver Stocks

Outcrop Silver Commences 2024 Santa Ana Drill Program

“Launching our 2024 drilling program at Santa Ana, we aim to fully unlock the potential of this distinctive high-grade, primary silver project," comments Ian Harris, President and CEO.

Gold Looks Good & Silver Looks Great

We’re in the “buy for blastoff” zone now for a lot of good junior miners.  

Kootenay Silver Announces Drilling is Underway at the Columba High Grade Silver Project

CEO McDonald: "We are very excited to get underway drilling Columba once again. The initial holes of this program will be shallow to confirm dip and then will transition into large step outs along strike of around 100 meters..."

Outcrop Silver Grants Options

The company has granted 4,525,000 incentive stock options to employees and Directors at an exercise price of $0.16 expiring on March 26, 2029.

What do Record Gold Prices mean for Gold Stocks? Fortuna Silver CEO Discusses Growing Profit Margins

March 25, 2024

We discuss the positive production growth trend and forecasts for another record-setting year! Fortuna has announced its annual guidance of 457 to 497 koz Gold Equivalent ounces with strong production growth...

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