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The Big 8 Are Still Mega-Short Silver and Gold

Except for palladium, only a small handful of the world's banks still have meaningful short positions in the other three precious metals -- and judging from August deliveries, a lot of their clients are the ones on the short hook.

JPMorgan is out of its short positions in both silver and gold -- and may be in platinum and palladium as well, but there's no way to know that.

The precious metals are certainly set up for a rocket ride higher when JPMorgan allows it -- and we're already off the launch pad.  But when things get really serious to the upside, it will be very much to the detriment of those Big 8 shorts in particular -- and the rest of the shorts in general, as their short covering will be the rocket fuel that drives precious metal prices to the moon, particularly silver.

I have a decent number of stories, articles and videos for you today.  And included in the list are a couple that I've been saving for today's column for length and/or content reasons.


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