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Silver's Three Legged Bull-Run Stool

1. Draining the Silver Trading Swamp

2. Mined Supply Constricting

Silver Production Decline in 2019 from Top Producing Countries (Jan - July)

3. The Global Debt Trap

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from these events is that Fed stimulus is a one-way train... (It) is better understood as an addictive drug. The Fed can never withdraw it without crippling or killing the markets. Plus, there's always the risk of an overdose.

The Spark

David H. Smith

David H. Smith is Senior Analyst for, a regular contributor to as well as the LODE Cryptographic Silver Monetary System Project. He has investigated precious metals' mines and exploration sites in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Bolivia, China, Canada and the U.S. He shares resource sector observations with readers, the media, and North American investment conference attendees.

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