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The Tremendous Hidden Value In Every Silver Coin

In my newest video, Tremendous Hidden Value In Every Silver Coin, I explain in detail why physical silver investment is superior to the $15.4 trillion of U.S. M2 Money Supply.

The overwhelming majority of precious metals and financial analysts do not understand why Silver is Money and a store of value. It all has to do with the “Energy Equivalent Value” in silver (and gold) versus Fiat money and the M2 Money Supply.

Since the 2008 Financial Crisis, the U.S. M2 Money Supply has more than doubled to $15.4 trillion versus on $45 billion for all the Global Above-Ground Silver Stocks. Silver is an excellent store of value because it performs as a BANK of ENERGY EQUIVALENT VALUE:

Fiat money does not hold this same trait because the intrinsic value of a Federal Reserve Note is its production cost: 13 cents. Silver is currently priced at $18 due to the $15-$16 cost per ounce to produce the metal.  While some in the precious metals community may not agree with my “Cost of Production” analysis on the value of silver, the facts speak for themselves.  Sure, the silver price may rise above its production cost due to more demand, but rarely will the silver price fall below its production cost for an extended period of time.

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