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Silver projections for the next 10 years

Anyone thinking of trading silver will need strong nerves and a cool head. That said, the rewards of silver trading go beyond the financial. This is a mysterious and mystical metal whose hold over the human imagination rivals that of gold. Think of the “silver bullet” said to kill werewolves or the 30 pieces of silver with which Judas is said to have betrayed Jesus.

Back to the gold-silver ratio. This expresses the number of troy ounces of silver that can be bought with one ounce of gold.

The more silver ounces can be purchased for one ounce of gold, the higher the gold price in relation to the silver price. Once that ratio seems excessive, there is a clear incentive for traders to switch from gold to silver, given a much larger position in silver can now be built up for the same price as a much smaller position in gold.

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