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Silver's Overlooked Rally May Put Gold in the Shade

Investor demand is responsible for much of this accelerated rally. This year alone, exchange-traded funds have increased their gold holdings by more than a quarter to surpass 106 million ounces, according to data compiled by Bloomberg, taking the total value to almost $200 billion. Silver holdings have climbed 40%, to more than 850 million ounces.  In the futures market, net managed money long positions are climbing back toward levels seen at the end of 2019. The Silver Institute, meanwhile, estimates retail bullion coin sales jumped by an estimated 60% in the first half from a year earlier. Speculative interest in China, which helped drive silver to all-time highs in 2011, is also showing signs of life.Demand from other quarters is less dramatic, though still encouraging. It helps that silver has a range of applications, unlike gold, which is generally too expensive for industrial uses. Not all are growing:

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